Stations of the Cross at Elon

8th Station: Jesus Consoles the Women

As Jesus continues his journey to Calvary, at the sound of weeping he raises his eyes to a group of women at the side of the road. They pity his agony and shed tears over the injustice that has befallen such an innocent man. Jesus tells them not to weep for him, but for themselves and for their children.

By now Jesus is hoping that this journey will end soon, but forgetful of himself, he expends his waning energy to speak to these grieving women. In the midst of his own suffering, he comforts them in their sorrow.

Are we as willing to go out of our way to comfort others? Are we as sensitive to others around us who may be depressed, or are we always so pre-occupied with our own wants and needs that we never notice them?

When we ourselves are sick or hurting, do we seem to let everyone know, so that their attention focuses on us, and our focus sees only ourselves?

Or can we, like Jesus, in the midst of our own discomfort, reach out to another in need?