Stations of the Cross at Elon

5th Station:Simon Helps Jesus to Carry His Cross

Simon, a stranger in town, curious as to the commotion in the street, goes to see what's going on. Because of his curiosity Simon is pressed into carrying another man's cross.

Perhaps he accepted the cross out of fear that charges be brought against him if he didn't. Or was Simon moved to pity at the sight of this other man who'd already suffered so much under the weight of this cross?

We wonder what went through Simon's mind: his wanting to be anywhere at that moment except there; his feeling sorry for this man condemned to death, and thinking that this was the least any decent person would do... to help him carry his final cross.

What about us? Are we willing to go out of our way to help someone else in need? Are we willing to get involved with others, to volunteer our talent or service even when we know it may cause us some inconvenience, cost us our time, and possibly even bring us unwanted aggravation?

What about the strangers we meet? On the street, in traffic, at the mall? Are we always patient and courteous to them? Or do we greet them with cold stares, turned backs, and impatient gestures?

Jesus was willing to get involved with us. Are we as willing to get involved with him through others?

"What you do unto others, you do unto me" he said. Are we willing to accept the cross of Jesus in our own lives, or do we more often take the easier path and run the other way? Do we seek to escape the problems and difficulties of life by shutting ourselves off from others, by over-activity, by an excessive indulgence that helps us avoid facing that a problem, a difficulty, even exists?

As Simon helped to carry the cross of Jesus, so are we, for he tells us: "If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let them take up their cross everyday and follow me."