Stations of the Cross at Elon

10th Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

At last the journey is ended: soldiers and condemned arrive at Calvary. Then, to humiliate their prisoners even further, each is stripped in front of the on looking crowd. The soldiers pick over any garments they'll keep for themselves. These prisoners won't be needing them anymore. They see that Jesus' under tunic is of fine quality, one piece, with no seams, so they agree to cast lots for this fine needlework.

Jesus, the Word of God, through whom the Creator brought forth all things, stands stripped of all possessions.

He's quiet now, thankful just to stand and catch his breath, if only for a moment. He does not cry out in protest, but silently prays for the strength to endure the suffering yet to come.

What about us? How do we react when someone strips us of some passing possession? Or when someone strips us of our good name, our ideas, our way of doing something? Is our immediate response one of vengeance, spite? An unkind response just like the injustice we felt had been shown to us?

Are we so worried about what we are to eat, what we are to drink, what we are to wear, that these take precedence in our lives to the neglect of others, to the neglect of our own spiritual life?

Do we seek to develop a spirit of detachment from the things we use in this life: by our generosity to the poor, our willingness to sacrifice for another, our willingness to give of ourselves without always looking for something in return?

All of us are born into this world stripped of all possessions, and all of us will depart from this life in the same way. The only 'treasure' we're able to bring with us are those of the spirit, those that lead to our everlasting life. Do our lives, our use of material things, reflect to others our future life with God, now and forever?