Elon Catholic Campus Ministry
Service Trip Leader Application

Thank you for considering to be one of this year's Service Trip Leaders! We are glad that you have felt called to use your gifts in a leadership role. The alternative break program has been a large part of our ministry over the years, serving various locations that are poor, underprivileged, and have needed our help. As we are all called to love and serve one another and to do justice, these trips allow us to give action to our faith. As a Service Trip Leader, there will be various requirements and responsibilities that will be asked of you to uphold. You will find descriptions of these below. An STL must have dedication, desire, and commitment to make each trip successful. You must also have enthusiasm and a love for service! Please take this into account as you fill out this application.


  • An enrolled, full-time student at Elon University, preferably a sophomore or above
  • An openness and willingness to work with many people, including those of different backgrounds, diverse opinions, and different faith journeys
  • Welcoming and outgoing spirit, sense of humor, maturity
  • Leadership ability, good communication and organizational skills, reliability
  • Comfort in leading by example and by faith
  • Service trip experience not required, but helpful


  • Work with professional staff to oversee planning of the trip
  • Meet with trip members various times to inform about trip details
  • Assist with logistical details such as travel arrangements, insurance information, etc.
  • While on the trip:
    • ensure logistics (make sure students are up on time, at correct destinations on time, etc.)
    • plan group-bonding activities and icebreakers
    • possibly arrange and oversee meals and dinners
    • have evening prayer reflections
  • Organize a follow-up meeting and evaluations
  • Have fun!
Contact Information

Application Questions
Please be as open and direct in your answers as you can.

Fake Break Spring Break

Why do you want to be a Service Trip leader?

What skills or qualities do you possess which make you feel qualified to be an STL?

If you have been on an service trip before, describe your experience.