Elon Catholic Campus Ministry
CCM Service Trips

"Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."
- Matthew 25:40

Do something meaningful over your fall or spring break! Our service trips are offered as an "alternative" way of spending your university break. Every year, CCM offers these opportunities to Elon students who want to give up a week off in order to serve the poor, the sick, and the underprivileged while living in community with other students.

Spirituality, prayer, and reflection are an important aspect of each trip. With the time taken to reflect on the work the group has done as a whole, a greater appreciation is had for why these trips exist. God calls all of us to love and serve one another and to do justice. CCM is also called to develop leaders for the future of the Church and society. By giving students the opportunity to experience life in a different culture, acquire a perspective on the global economy, gain a meaningful understanding of the universal Church, and serve all of God's children, we aim to instill in all participants a sense of social responsibility, leadership, and life-long service.

Thanks to a grant received this past year, CCM's break trips are completely free to students! Please see each application for more details, and contact with any questions.

Spring Break service trip

Elon Spring Break: March 11 - March 19, 2023

Make a difference over your Spring Break! Join CCM on one of our mission/service trips this spring and serve God's people. Our trips are very rewarding and eye-opening experiences for all who attend.

Domestic trip

New Mexico

Where: New Mexico
When: Sunday, March 12 - Saturday, March 18
Focus: Poverty, corporal works of mercy

Join CCM and LEAF (Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Friends at Elon) as we return to serve in one of the poorest dioceses in the US. We are partnering with St Joseph Mission School in San Fidel near Albuquerque, NM. The pre-K through 8th grade Catholic school serves primarily the Native American communities surrounding the school, and at which most students attend on scholarships and school-sponsored assistance. Our service projects may include renovations or beautification projects at the school. Participants will also receive time to explore the American Southwest.

Click here to apply for the New Mexico trip!

Abroad trip

Mustard Seed

Where: Jamaica
When: Saturday, March 11 - Saturday, March 18
Focus: Mission Work, Care for the Vulnerable

Our international service trip will be to Jamaica to work with Mustard Seed Communities. Participants will get to experience an authentic Jamaica; beyond the beaches and tourism, there lies a country of widespread poverty. Mustard Seed Communities cares for children and adults who are disabled, forgotten, abandoned, and marginalized. We will have the opportunity to interact with and help take care of the residents as well as participate in manual work projects in the community. In addition, prayer and reflections are incorporated into the daily routine. Participants will also get to experience the life and culture of Jamaica.

Click here to apply for the Jamaica trip!

Spring Break Leader

Apply to be a Spring Break Leader (SBL)! An SBL is a student participant in an alternative spring break program who has stepped up to a leadership role. This person is integral to the success of a spring break trip. Responsibilities of an SBL include working closely with the staff chaperone, ensuring logistics of the trip, and planning prayer reflections for every evening. Spring Break Leaders must have dedication, desire, and commitment to make each trip successful. If you have what it takes, please fill out our application!

SBL Application

Fall Break service trip

Elon Fall Break: October 12-16, 2022

Washington, DC

Where: Washington, DC
When: Wednesday, October 12th - Saturday, October 15th
(will depart Wednesday evening and return Saturday evening)
Focus: Urban Immersion, Justice Advocacy

Make a difference over your Fall Break! Join CCM on our fall break service trip to Washington, DC. We are partnering with Franciscan Mission Service for an immersive experience in our nation’s capital, combining service, cultural awareness, justice advocacy, and prayer. Lodging and meals are provided in the mission house. The application deadline for this trip is Friday, September 30th!

Click here to apply!

Previous service trips:

Spring 2022:
Arecibo, Puerto Rico (Focus: Poverty, Disaster Relief)
Gallup, New Mexico (Focus: Poverty, Corporal Works of Mercy)

Spring 2019:
Adelphi, Jamaica (Focus: Mission Work, Care for the Vulnerable)
New Bern (Focus: Disaster Relief)

Spring 2018:
Adelphi, Jamaica (Focus: Mission Work, Care for the Vulnerable)
Mount Pleasant, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2017:
Atlanta, GA (Focus: Poverty, Literacy)

Spring 2017:
Adelphi, Jamaica (Focus: Mission Work, Care for the Vulnerable)
Mount Pleasant, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2016:
Belmont, NC (Focus: Care for the Disabled)

Spring 2016:
Mount Pleasant, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Spring 2015:
Georgetown, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2014:
Monroe, NC (Focus: Rural Poverty and Homelessness)

Spring 2014:
Adelphi, Jamaica (Focus: Mission Work, Care for the Vulnerable)
Johns Island, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2013:
Atlanta, GA (Focus: Urban Ministry)

Spring 2013:
Johns Island, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2012:
Wilmington, NC (Focus: Hunger and Poverty)

Spring 2012:
Mérida, México (Focus: Mission Work, Cultural Immersion)
Johns Island, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Fall 2011:
Washington, DC (Focus: Hunger and Homelessness)

Spring 2011:
Above Rocks, Jamaica (Focus: Mission Work, Poverty)
Jacksonville, FL (Focus: Affordable Housing, Urban Ministry)

Fall 2010:
Baltimore, MD (Focus: Affordable Housing, Urban Ministry)

Spring 2010:
Mount Pleasant, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Spring 2009:
Mount Pleasant, SC (Focus: Affordable Housing)

Spring 2008:
Bunnell, FL (Focus: Affordable Housing)