Fall 2013 Issue
CCM Newsletter

Family Weekend: A Parent's Perspective

By Mary Zimpelman

When I was asked to write about our experience at the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) events on Elon Family weekend, I was happy to do so. My husband and I joined our son, Matt, at the CCM tailgate, Mass, and reception following the Liturgy, making all three of these events the highlights of our weekend.

Going to the tailgate before the football game brought bright smiles, grilled hotdogs and cold soda, all of which provided a great way to start off the weekend festivities. We had the opportunity to meet other CCM students and families, too.

But we all agreed that the Mass on Saturday was the biggest highlight of the weekend. The church was packed with families and students. The music ministry and soloist were amazing and Father Gerry's homily was great. Along with props and student participation, Father Gerry did what he does best - enthusiastically bringing the Word of God to the Elon CCM community.

After Mass, everyone was invited to a reception for fellowship and food. While enjoying a delicious finger food buffet, my husband and I were introduced to some of our sonís friends who are also involved in CCM.

Both my husband and I feel very blessed to know our son is part of such a vibrant Catholic community at college. For us, CCM is an answer to prayer. Elon CCM's liturgy and the many other activities it sponsors do more than just create college memories; they also form young adult Catholics in their faith and establishes lifetime relationships with other Catholic students and, more importantly, with God.