Elon Catholic Campus Ministry
In 2019, our 30th year as a student organization at Elon University, Catholic Campus Ministry created a new strategic plan to guide the future of the ministry. With the primary goal to engage more of the 1,700 Catholic students on the Elon campus, CCM worked with students, faculty, alumni, parents, and benefactors to determine the areas to focus and improve.

The following initiatives are the result of CCM's new five-year Strategic Plan (2019-2024). Join us to spread the light of Christ!

Engagement and Outreach
Increase awareness of CCM's presence on the Elon campus, focusing on:

  • Establishing an Engagement Internship program
  • Contacting the majority of first-year students in their fall semester
  • Developing programs to reach different populations on campus

Faith Formation
Increase the spiritual, religious, and educational aspects of CCM, focusing on:

  • Providing an exceptional Mass experience
  • Entering into intentional discipleship with leaders and students
  • Making the retreat experience available to more students
  • Helping students understand their role as Christian and global citizens

Increase effective communications to all constituencies of CCM, focusing on:

  • Creating a dynamic social media presence
  • Increasing regular print and electronic media
  • Establishing an Alumni Board to re-engage alumni

Determine the best facilities to serve the changing needs of the Catholic student population, focusing on:

  • Discerning students' desire for ideal spaces
  • Determining locations on campus that are most accessible to students
  • Engaging potential donors to fulfill this vision

Advancement and Financial Stability
Create and maintain a sustainable financial plan that will serve the needs of the ministry, focusing on:

  • Advancing university partnerships
  • Expanding the Catholic Life Advisory Board
  • Building more relationships on and away from campus

Determine the best staffing structure to minister to the university population, focusing on:

  • Discerning the ministerial availability of Catholic Life staff
  • Developing an outstanding student staff
  • Improving professional development opportunities