Fun Facts

The word "lynx" derives from a Greek word meaning "to shine"

The Eurasian lynx eyesight is so good that it enables them to see game from 250 feet away.

The Eurasian lynx is present in Europe, Asia and Russia.

Eurasian lynx have giant "snowshoe" feet that are helpful when navigating through snow.

They have black tufts on the tips of their ears that are useful when hunting because they allow them to use them as whiskers to gauge their surroundings.

In captivity, the lynx are kept in containment by fencing that is high enough to not allow the cats to climb out. Also, due to their size, they are usually kept outside rather than in homes. People are only able to hunt Eurasian Lynx commercially in Russia. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has put a ban on hunting and trading of Eurasian Lynx.

Lynx with Offspring

The Eurasian Lynx has close relationships with her offspring and mates. (source)