Common Name:

Savannah comes from the first Savannah bred, who was named, “Savannah”

Hybrid of:

Serval & a domestic cat.

Life Span:

Estimated 17-20 years.

Physical Attributes:

Savannahs’ size depends largely on their generation, getting smaller with each generation as their genes become more similar to a domestic cat. The largest savannahs can be about the size of a small dog, weighing up to 30 pounds. Savannahs have a wild, spotted coat, with black "tear marks" from eyes to whiskers. They have huge ears that spin 180 degrees and long legs.

Interesting Facts:

Savannahs are the largest of the domestic cat breeds.

The "tear lines" on the Savannahs' eyes come from their Serval ancestors. These lines are meant to reflect light and aid in hunting. (See Animal Planet video, below)

Savannahs are known to either chirp like their serval ancestors or meow like their domestic ancestors; sometimes, Savannahs will even produce a mixture of both sounds. Savannahs are unique for their hiss – known as the snake hiss – which comes from their Serval ancestors who used the hiss in ward off predators. Listen to the snake hiss here.

Savannahs are known for their ability to jump several feet in the air from rest like their serval ancestors. Watch the savannah jump 8 feet in the video below. Please note that this video exhibits a savannah that is kept as a domestic pet, which is a contentious position.

Savannah Jumps 8 ft

Animal Planet's Cats 101:

More interesting information about the savannah can be found in the video below, which is a segment from Animal Planet’s Cats 101. Please note this video, while providing interesting background on the savannah and exhibiting key traits of the species, does primarily portray the savannah as a domestic cat breed while some persons and organizations would prefer them be labeled exotics.

Animal Planet's Cats 101: Savannah