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CCM Internships

CCM Internships

Posted on February 21, 2021


Thank you for prayerfully considering an Internship position with Elon Catholic Campus Ministry! Internships are paid positions that specialize in certain areas of the ministry and work toward the mission of the organization. CCM Interns are required to work a minimum numbers of hours per week and will report to a specific member of the CCM staff.

Please see below for the available internship positions for the 2021-2022 academic year. For more information and application details, please go to org.elon.edu/ccm/internships. CCM is currently accepting applications for these positions through Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

CCM Music Intern

Purpose: To plan and provide worship music for CCM Masses and to invite other students to participate in the music ministry.

Overview: A CCM Music Intern will learn about the use of music in the Liturgy, help plan and participate in weekly Mass, as well as recruit other students to participate in the choir/ensemble. Establishing and maintaining relationships with choir members is important toward growing the ministry. The Music Intern will be expected to contribute to the program as a singer and/or musician and will also develop an understanding of music ministry behind the scenes. Additionally, the Music Intern will receive further liturgical music formation.

CCM Engagement Intern

Purpose: To actively engage Catholic students through personal contact, one-on-one meetings, and invitations into the CCM community.

Overview: A CCM Engagement Intern will reach out to and meet primarily with first-year students that have identified as Catholic, or those interested in Catholic Campus Ministry. Working as a team, Engagement Interns play a key role in building up the Catholic community at Elon. They are expected to hold meaningful conversations with students about their faith, introduce them to other students within CCM, and invite them to become a part of our ministry. Establishing and maintaining relationships with the students and building community among them is fundamental to the effective performance of the Intern.