Membership in Camerata is by audition only and is on an annual basis. Camerata studies and performs quality, cultivated literature from all stylistic periods and cultures and occasionally inclueds folk, pop and gospel pieces for diversity and entertainment purposes. Emphasis is on vocal technique, striving for artistry, style and score study, performance practice and diversity of literature.
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Musicians for Recording Session at Elon University:

Stephen A. Futrell - conductor
Sharon LaRocco - Pianist
Jillian Ahrens
Erin Ashley
Christen Byrne
Jon Chapman
Laura Beth Christian
Ashley D'Ambra
Morgan Davis
Eden Esters
Lindsey Fera
Lydia Graeff
Brian Hahn
Lindsey Harris
Caitlin Hawley
Kristen LoBiondo
Will Maier
Sean McCauley
Jonathan Monti
Darrick Penny
Anna Reynal
Lauren Rogers
Michelle Sarnie
Drew Seigla
Adam Stewart
Charlie Stroup
Amanda Taylor
Michael Tilma
James Wright

Camerata - Deck The Halls

Written By: 1800 century Welch