The Elon Volunteer Board has been created to facilitate volunteer opportunities to inquiring students, and to help service organizations publicize events that they need volunteers for. Elon University's many service organizations are constantly giving back to the community, working on projects, and donating their time and hard work to worthy causes and their philanthropies. The Volunteer Board is a useful tool for those who are looking to join a service organization, spend a limited amount of time volunteering, looking for a specific volunteer opportunity, and for organizations that need extra volunteers for specific activities.

Habitat For Humanity

Who We Are:

This website has been created by the YES YOU CAN Bateman team, in association with PRSSA and Habitat for Humanity. As one of our main tactics for the Habitat for Humanity campaign competition, this website is intended to meet the goals of informing students about volunteer activities for Habitat besides building houses, and to inform students of volunteer opportunities through Habitat that require a minimal time commitment. Through research, our team has discovered that a lot of people would like to volunteer, but don't have time to research opportunities or join organizations. The Volunteer Board has been constructed so that people can check it regularly to see if any of the opportunities appeal to them and fit into their schedule.

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