Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Could Be Worse

I thought I would share some images of classrooms Elon pays for that are, well, less ideal for visual teaching than others. And in my experience so far, the clear winner (sic) is our classroom in London. Maybe we can do something?


At November 5, 2009 1:45 PM , Blogger KR said...

Before Tony asks, I'll jump in with some deets--yes, I tried to keystone the image--but this projector only keystones in one dimension. So your image is always a parallelogram, but never a rectangle. And yes, it's not much bigger than that trash can. And yes, you have to plug the projector into the floor three feet away (hello, lawsuit!) and set it on top of an overhead projector on a flimsy cart. And yes, this arrangement only works when you have a few students--most classes here have 35-39, which means to put that projector the 10 feet from the screen it must be to project onto it, you have to obscure the view and move the seats of at least 10-15 students. After you have brought the projector (and speakers if you want them) downstairs from the faculty office. That said, "you're in London! Just enjoy yourself and don't worry about your teaching!"


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