Wednesday, March 18, 2009

General Studies Reading for March

For an introduction to issue of “Visual Literacy” as part of liberal arts education core curriculum, Evan Gatti has polled our members and suggests the following paper:

James Elkins' “Preface & Introduction” in Visual Literacy, (Routledge, 2007). [I have fixed this link to work for Elon machines now. -Tony, March 19th]

Please note that to access this file, you must be using a machine on-campus or be connected to campus through the VPN. You can also read how Elon’s own discuss the role of visual literacy and culture.

Peter Felten’s “Visual Literacy”, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning; November 2008, Vol. 40, Issue: Number 6, pp. 60-64.

Lynn Huber’s “The Bible and Art” excerpted from Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray, eds., The Bible, Popular Culture, and the Arts: Resources for Instructors (Society of Biblical Literature, forthcoming).

In the near future, we will be posting images to illustrate each of these writings.


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