Monday, March 16, 2009

Cooliris as a Nonlinear Classroom Presentation Program

A professor in my department asked me about creating a nonlinear presentation screen where he could simply touch a slide on one screen and it would display on the primary screen. While PowerPoint and Keynote do have a "presenter view", these programs don't let you view the full light table of slides at once; you must scroll through them. I've read that OpenOffice's Impress has this functionality but I am loathe to use OpenOffice since the last time I tried it (in the early 00's), it was teh suk.

While it is not exactly what my colleague wanted, I'm thinking Cooliris is his best option. A very short demo of this during a Viz Cult meeting last year wowed the audience and quickly won me over. I recently used PicLens Publisher to convert a set of my class slides into a Cooliris-compliant web page. (Of course, many applications would let you do the same.) You can check it out below:

Cooliris Slide Test

Does anyone else have some ideas for doing this sort of thing?