The Elon Viz Cult


Elon University’s Visual Culture group, an inter- and multi-disciplinary body of faculty and staff, continues to look at how visuals shape what we and our students do. This semester we'll be focusing on communicating the basics of visual design to educators.  We will also explore how Elon might develop and design a space to allow for immersive visualization.  Send Evan Gatti (egatti) or Tony Crider (acrider) an email to get on the list.

What is the Viz Cult?


The commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly - to develop strategies of seeing and showing.

-Edward Tufte

Curious about dates and times?

Re-read letters from Evan describing where, when ,and what we’re doing.

Right now, we’re looking at Elon grades with Google Motion Chart.

We have also just set up a Blogger blog to talk about Viz Cult issues.