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Bo Hamrick '02 and his wife, Leslie Gwaltney Hamrick '04

Brett “Coop” Cooper ‘05 is Political Director for the National Democratic Redistricting Project and has a lot of experience working in politics. Coop offers the following tips on choosing candidates in this election year:

Ignore everything you have ever heard about a candidate.
Even what the candidates say has been twisted beyond recognition. This is especially the case when comparing a primary election to a general election and even more the case with what you hear on the news and “infotainment” channels. Instead, make sure you read each candidate’s Web site, read the liberal, conservative and moderate blogs, and read the newspapers and newsmagazines.

• Pay attention to your local races.
Everyone knows who is running for president. But do you know who is running for state senate where you live? The candidates in the so-called “down ballots” make the majority of the legislative decisions that affect your everyday life. Additionally, you can have more personal access to them, so find out who those candidates are.

• Ignore all political polls
Polls get a lot of press, but they can’t help you decide who you want making decisions for you unless you are just voting for someone because you think they will win.

•There is no excuse for not voting on or before November 4th.
So vote! If there is the remote possibility that you won’t be able to vote on November 4th, go ahead and get your absentee ballot now. You can always return it to your polling place and still vote on Election Day. Register to vote now and learn the rules at Project Vote Smart!

Top 5 to Thrive

Juliet Marateck Portfolio

Meet Rachel Rogers ’07…who is living in Alaska as part of her work with AmeriCorps Vista. She will be doing outreach at the Anchorage Public Library through the end of her contract in November 2008. A native of Durham, N.C., Rachel is discovering what life is like on the other side of the country and writing about it on her blog. Check out her Top 5 tips about living in the wild…

1. “Wildlife” is a completely acceptable excuse for being late to work. Route changes due to an encounter with a moose, or even a bear, are just part of life.

2. Spring in Alaska is not spring in N.C. We got several feet of snow in the beginning of April. As horrifying as this is for someone who is used to walking around in flip-flops right about now, there is still something magical about the world turning white.

3. You only go outside dressed inappropriately once. Really. That’s all it takes for you to start carrying around an extra jacket, a pair of gloves and a beanie wherever you go. You know, just in case.

4. Be ready for anything. You never know when jumping in the car with a friend after work will land you on the side of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, watching the Northern Lights.

5. People will take care of you. No matter how far you are from home, you will find family who will take care of you.

Back in the Bubble

Alamance Building

Spring is in the air, and Elon is in full bloom! Check out our exciting events:

• Working 9 to 5: Elon has 2 new job openings that you should check out! Both our Director of Employer Relations in the Career Center and Coordinator for Alumni Chapters with the Elon Alumni Association are wonderful opportunities for Elon alumni. Submit your resume today!

• Did you know that Elon provides career services to alumni? From assisting with your resume to holding educational webinars, we’ve got your back! Contact the Elon Career Center at 336.278.6538.

• Do you consider Band-Aids to be your health insurance? The Elon Alumni Association now offers short-term health insurance through GradMed. Contact them at 800.813.1249 to sign up!

• Looking for a place to sell stuff, connect with old friends, and find a job or roommate? Then check out the new Mashup Homepage on E²! You don’t have to create a profile, just log in to start connecting with alumni and faculty!

• The Presidential election came to Elon with a visit from Bill Clinton and lots of media attention from the Elon Poll!

• Summertime is almost here, and it’s time to start planning vacations! Join the Young Alumni group for Whitewater Rafting in September or Europe in Summer 2009!

• Elon is going Hollywood! With the launch of the university’s Elon in LA program for students, we will be hosting a networking social on June 5 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. For those alums interested in helping us start up the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter, join us on June 3 at The Cat & Fiddle for an L.A. Chapter Interest Meeting. Contact for more information!

The Buzz

Lindsay Gross Hege '04

Cam Tims ’00 is President of the newly formed Young Alumni Council. E-mail Lindsay Hege at if you are interested in finding out more about this exciting advisory board.

It is easy to think that the Elon of today is different from the school we knew as students. New buildings have been added. We have a winning football team! Dorms are air-conditioned. During a recent visit to campus, I grabbed dinner in the new Colonnades restaurant. Even with the plasma screens, in-house bakery and Mongolian grill, something was still the same – the students. They look just like we did. Some were laughing and visiting. Others were cramming for their next test. For all the bricks and mortar that have been added, we should know that the Elon of yesteryear is virtually unchanged.

In the eight years since graduation, I finally have completed grad school and grasped the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder in banking. In my newfound free time, I decided to begin increasing my involvement with Elon alumni, staff and students, and I am glad I did. Here’s a little bit of what I have been doing:

• E-mailing with students considering jobs in the banking industry
• Visiting campus to meet with students interested in learning more about moving to Raleigh, N.C., where I live
• Helping to coordinate events for my local alumni chapter
• Making a gift to the Elon Fund

Getting involved with Elon is easy. Begin networking through E2, reach out to the Alumni Office or simply make a monetary gift. It is easy to reconnect, and it is one of the many ways that we can help our university to thrive and make us proud to say, “Long live Elon!”