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Candyce Marsh '03

Starting your own business is exciting, but it also can be challenging. Just ask Candyce Marsh ’03, professional drag racer and owner of Candyce Marsh Racing ( Candyce is the first African American woman to compete in a professional drag race. Here are five tips from Candyce’s on starting your own business.

1. Network…Meet new friends and business associates by participating in service activities in your community.
2. Invest in yourself...Be committed to lifelong learning. Remember you are one of your most valuable assets.
3. You don’t have to know all the answers…Surround yourself with people who are talented in their respective fields.
4. Have fun…Being a business owner is hard work yet rewarding. Spend time with family and friends, and allow the people who support you to share in your success.
5. Success is not instantaneous…Be diligent and patient.

Back in the Bubble

Alamance Building in Spring

There is plenty going on at Elon during 2007-2008! The university will take initial steps toward gaining provisional accreditation at the School of Law. A new scoreboard and video board have been installed at Rhodes Stadium to enhance your game day experience. And your alma mater is improving programs for young alums. Read President Lambert’s address from the opening of school ceremony to see how alumni programming fits in with the university’s goals.

Haven’t been back to campus in a while? Check out the new Koury Business Center, located at the site of the former intramural fields off O’Kelly Avenue, adjacent to McMichael Science Center. And check out Elon Law to see how the new law school in downtown Greensboro has transformed the face of graduate education at Elon.

Aren’t you a bit jealous of the new digs for students? Check out the latest in student housing at The Colonnades. Have you heard The Oaks student housing complex has replaced Jordan Center? Don’t fret. Now you can treasure a piece of your past by picking up your own Jordan Center siding souvenir at Homecoming 2007 Oct. 26-28!

Top 5 to Thrive

Steve Morrison '03

Meet Steve Morrison ’03…
who is living in Bolívar, Peru, while serving with the Peace Corps. He helps villagers build their small businesses, including a local fruit winery and clothing manufacturer that uses vegetable fiber. Steve, pictured here at Machu Picchu, offers the following musings:

1. They're not pets, they're food: In Peru, ducks, chickens, turkeys, sheep, cows and goats are not cute, fluffy friends; they are dinner! The guinea pig is a Peruvian delicacy, and cats are eaten in some parts of the country, too.

2. You're gonna mess up the language: Conversing in a foreign language can lead to some awkward yet funny moments, such as the time I told the president of the local Mother's Club I had no children…that I knew of.

3. Don't sweat the petty things: In Peru, men get catcalls, too!

4. You'll become comfortable talking about anything, including intestinal problems, which are discussed regularly among volunteers.

5. You'll get used to it and it'll be worth it: My experiences in Peru are stories I’ll remember for a lifetime.
The Buzz

Lindsay Gross Hege '04

Hello young alums! I am Lindsay Gross Hege ’04, and I am the new assistant director of alumni relations for young alumni. I hope you enjoy your inaugural issue of Notes From The Nest, an e-newsletter that is an important part of our efforts to build strong programming for young alums. Notes From The Nest features Elon news, young alumni events and ways for you to connect with each other. This newsletter is for you, so please send your feedback and story ideas to

Here are three ways you can get involved with other alums:

Check out the founding members of the Young Alumni Council, a new advisory board at Elon, at Let them know what you’re dying to see in young alumni programs and services.

Join E²! Elon’s new online social network gives you alumni news and invitations to events. E², with 5,000 members, will have you laughing out loud as you reconnect with your freshman roommate, study abroad pal, or that old crush. Sign on today and add me as an E² friend!

Get involved in our first young alumni trip. Join us in Bay St. Louis, Miss., for Katrina relief work in May 2008. If you miss your study abroad or service days, this trip is for you! E-mail our office at for details.

For fall alumni events go to the Alumni Web site.