PROJECT:      "Almost Famous"
DIRECTOR: Kera Ramery

ROLE:         William
DESCRIPTION:  William is a teenage boy who has never ventured far away from home. He is a cool kid, but naive in a lot of ways.
SIDES: sides for william and penny.doc

ROLE:         Anita
DESCRIPTION:  Anita is the sister of William. She is a funny, vibrant girl, who rebells from her overbearing mother.
SIDES:  sides for elaine and anita.doc      

ROLE:         Elaine
DESCRIPTION:  In this story, Elaine is the parental figure to William and Anita. She is funny and smart, but extremely overbearing.
SIDES:   sides for  elaine  and anita.doc

ROLE:         Penny Lane
DESCRIPTION:  Penny Lane is a beautiful teenage girl. She has a strong sense of self, but at the same time, seeks reassurance.
SIDES:   sides for william and penny.doc