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Janna Anderson



Roy Peter Clark, Don Fry, "Coaching Writers: Editors and Reporters Working Together Across Media Platforms." (Second edition, Bedford/St.
Martin's, 2003).

Roy Peter Clark, Christopher Scanlan, "America's Best Newspaper Writing." (Poynter Institute - Bedford/St. Martin's, 2001).

Barbara E. Fassler Walvoord, "Helping Students Write Well: A Guide for Teachers in All Disciplines." (Second edition, The Modern Language Association of America, 1986).



Judith Howard — This is a paper that was presented at PBL 2002, an International Conference on Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education sponsored by the University of Delaware in Baltimore, Maryland, in June 2002. It presents an interesting viewpoint from the field of teacher education.



Title: The Quest for “Authenticity” in Problem-Based Learning:
Reflections on PBL in Pre-Service Teacher Education Courses by James A. Whitson, John St. Julien, and Eugene Matusov
(available at



Catherine King — This article by Marcia Baxter Magolda is about the personal and intellectual development our students are likely to experience after they graduate and how we might be able to help them prepare.



Helping Students Make Their Way to Adulthood (pdf file requires Adobe Acrobat)