4th-hour innovation


Business Communication 202


Betsy Stevens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Business Administration

2075 Campus Box
E-mail: bstevens@elon.edu
Phone #: (336) 278-5937
Fax #: (336) 278-5952
Office: Long Building 208F

Student Profile:   

Students in Business Communication are typically sophomores majoring in business; however students in corporate communication students and leisure sports management also enroll in the class. There are a few juniors and seniors, typically taking the course as an elective.


I have created a Powerpoint presentation based on the television show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" that tests students over the principles and concepts in business communication. There are two different games and the students have lots of fun playing the game


The concept could be easily adapted to a number of courses. It was relatively simple creating the Powerpoint games as the concept is based on multiple choice questions. You create two slides for each questions. The first has the questions and the four possible answers; the second slide contains only the correct answer. To eliminate two of the wrong answers in the 50/50, use the Powerpoint pencil to X out the wrong answers. The game involves class participation in addition to the "player" as he or she has the option to ask the audience or phone as friend.


View Game 1
View Game 2
On the resulting page, click the Slide Show icon to view in full-screen mode and play the game. (Note: These slides have automatic timings, so please wait for all items fly in before clicking to advance to the next slide.)


Directions for playing game.