4th-hour innovation


CIS 211 Introduction to Management Information Systems


Herbert 'Herb' Schuette
Associate Professor - Management Information Systems

2075 Campus Box
E-mail: hschuette@elon.edu
Phone #: (336) 278-5920
Fax #: (336) 278-5952
Office: Long Building 212F

Student Profile:   

Freshmen and sophomores preparing for majors in Business or Computer Information Systems.


Creation of web-based cases which challenge the student to explore the basic business processes and information systems which enable organizations to produce and deliver goods and services. Cases include process descriptions, interviews with managers, pictures, examples of websites and computer application software. A key feature is a set of questions which lead the student to explore the web-case content and probe deeper using the websites and other online resources. Content is linked to the readings and database tools used in the course. Students use Blackboard group discussion tools prior to class discussion.


Students are at the beginning stage of learning about how business organizations operate. Case settings are chosen for the familiarity that students may have as customers, such as a fitness center, car dealership or dentist. This customer relationship focus heightens student curiosity about the main issues in the case.

Project information:

Cases are available at www.peloros.com/211