4th-hour innovation


ENS 461 Seminar: Environmental Impact Assessment and Policy Development
2002 - Riverfront Park Design & Plan in Swepsonville, NC


Janet MacFall
Assistant Professor - Biology

2625 Campus Box
E-mail: macfallj@elon.edu
Phone #: (336) 278-6202
Fax #: (336) 278-6258
Office: McMichael Science Building 124A


Student Profile:   

Senior students majoring in Environmental Studies - including students in both the Science and Society and the Environment Concentrations.


This course challenges students to understand environmental issues from a highly interdisciplinary perspective, and then to act on that knowledge through development of a community based project.


This course could serve as a model for the integration of ideas from different disciplines, using a focused project as the central theme. Having the 4th hour allows students to meet weekly for discussion of project progress and management, as well as time for travel to field sites for data collection, community contact and analysis. It also provides time for synthesis of the project, group reflection and discussion, report writing and re-writing, and project presentation.


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