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GST 270WG, Women & Men in Society


Angela Lewellyn Jones, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - Social Justice

2243 Campus Box
E-mail: ajones5@elon.edu
Phone #: (336) 278-6447
Office: Sociology & Anthropology House 205

Student Profile:   

This course is open to students at all levels. There's usually a wide variety of students in the course, from first years to seniors. Some are Women's/Gender Studies minors when they enroll, but others are not, although they may be by the end of the semester.


Students conduct interviews with three women and three men currently working in the student's chosen career or field of interest, and they analyze and synthesize the data, with a focus on gender and its impact on the workplace experiences of these women and men.


This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore the relevance of gender inequality in their own lives. This assignment, in particular, acts as a way to hook their interest on the material by making it pertinent to their own lives. The process of establishing contacts for the interviews offers an in-road for students to begin building networks outside of Elon that may lead toward internships or employment.




Interview instrument (Word document that contains the most recent version of the interview questionnaire students created for this project.)

Student paper (Word document that contains a sample of student's work for this project.)

Faculty/Student research paper (Word document that contains a formal research paper written by two faculty and two students based on an analysis of the aggregate data collected by the full class.)