4th-hour innovation


Education courses


Judith Howard
Associate Professor - Education

2105 Campus Box
E-mail: howardj@elon.edu
Phone #: (336) 278-5885
Fax #: (336) 278-5919
Office: Mooney Building 102B

Student Profile:   

Juniors and seniors majoring in education; graduate students in education.


Students in education courses are engaged in a problem-based learning experience (a) to enhance their learning of course content and skills, and (b) to model a type of learning experience they can provide for their students when they are teacher interns, student teachers, and/or practicing teachers.


PBL is highly engaging, and it provides meaningful, authentic learning experiences for students, BUT it's not an easy way to teach! We are slowly expanding its use in professional education courses and learning as we go.


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Review this Word document for print references and Web sites relevant to problem-based learning.