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Task #1

You know you need to learn a lot about brown bears to be able to work well on the team to help Cocoa. You want to learn quickly all that you can, so you start by carefully observing brown bears to get to know more about them.

  • Visit the North American Bear Center HTMLWeb site. Look carefully at the photographs in the Grizzly Bear section and view the slide show, especially the section on Grizzlies. Listen to the sounds of bears.
  • Look at the short video clips on the National Geographic Wildcam site HTML.
  • Look at photos in the Photo Gallery on the American Grizzly Bear site HTML.
  • View other videos, photographs, etc. you may have available.
  • Read books about brown bears. Discuss what you have read with others on your team.

What do these observations tell you about brown bears? What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat? What do they do? What type of land and climate do they like? How does the environment provide for their basic needs?

From what you have observed, what do brown bears need in order to live a healthy life? What do they need to grow and thrive?

Along with your teammates, create a large mural depicting grizzly bears in their natural (temperate rainforest) habitat. That way you can keep in mind what healthy brown bears look like in their home environment.

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