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Task #2: Distribution

You need to determine how to conduct and improve distribution of the vaccine, especially in rural areas. Your first job is to decide on the vaccination centers within the country. How many centers will you have? Where will you locate them?

After these initial decisions are made, you realize there are two separate things to consider: (1) how to get to selected areas, and (2) how to distribute the vaccine once you get there.

Task 2a: Transportation and Communication

Your part of the task is to gather (or draw) maps that show roads, railroads, waterways, airports, etc. You realize that communication is also important. What means are available to communicate with the officials and the general population in each area?

Task 2b: Local delivery systems

Your part of the task is to investigate delivery systems in the informal health sector, including injectionists, pharmacists, traditional healers, and employers. What systems are already in place? Are additional delivery systems needed? What might they be?

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