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Task #4: Special Interest Topics - for Elementary School Students

The principal of Poseidon Elementary School called you recently. She would like for your staff to develop some "special interest" topics and demonstrations and come to her school to present them in different classrooms during Hurricane Awareness Week. This invitation pleases you since you know how important it is to get good information out to young people. It's amazing how much information children take home to their families.

You can think of several topics that might be interesting to elementary age students, but you know there are others. You also think you will develop a little self-check quiz for each topic so students can test their own knowledge. Maybe you'll use a program a teacher friend of yours told you about; you think it's called QuizStar HTML .

Possible Topics:
The Hurricane Hunters
Awesome Photos
Who is Dr. Gray?
The Saffir-Simpson Scale
Naming Hurricanes

How to use handheld computer probeware
How to make a weather station

Relevant Web sites:

FEMA for Kids HTML

Hurricane Hunters HTML

Miami Museum of Science HTML

Recipe for a hurricane - four conditions HTML


A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album HTML

Dr. W. Gray predictions: HTML

Hurricane Isabel - NOAA
Photo courtesy of NASA

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