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Learning Task #3: Location

You are going to need to get to Granada to meet with other team members and begin to work on The Alhambra Restoration. Where is the Alhambra? Where is Granada? How do you get there?

  • Make travel arrangements to get to Granada to begin your restoration work. Develop a travel itinerary and include a simple map of the route you will take.
  • Write out an information page of travel tips/things to remember. Include the weather you should expect at this time of year, the food that is typical of the region, etc.

Internet Resources :

Spain Holiday & Travel Destinations Guide - Granada HTML

Print Resources :

travel guides (e.g., Frommers, Michelin, Fodors, etc.)

Experiential Resources :

local travel agencies

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Photo of Alhambra
Photo courtesy of Joe Frank Jones, III

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