Science Exhibits for Sri Lanka Project

Stage 2: Sri Lanka

As part of a Winter Term study abroad course (offered first in January 2008) Elon students will bring the science exhibits built in Stage 1 of the project to Sri Lanka. Elon students will work with Sri Lankan university students to translate the exhibit descriptions and to bring the exhibits to local school age children. Eventually the exhibits may be housed in a permanent setting.

Elon University students will learn about the history and culture of Sri Lanka as part of the course as well as the path to develpment of the country, especially in the domain of science education.

Sri Lankan university students will learn about different approaches to science education by collaborating in this service-learning project, and will contribute to filling a documented need for experiential science education opportunities for Sri Lankan children.

With better developed partnerships we hope that the traveling science center will continue to travel to school children even after Elon students return to the United States.