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Introduction: Project Description

Inquiry learning has become a valuable part of the science and math K-12 curriculum in the United States.  Children have the opportunity to develop a curiosity in mathematics, science, and technology through experiential teaching approaches and through informal education in science centers and museums throughout the country.  This curiosity is essential if the young generation is to grow up with a scientific/technological literacy needed to make the best of the opportunities in the world today. The National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka has recognzed the need for inquiry based science education opportunities for children.

The objective of this project is for Elon University students to bring inquiry based educational experiences to a large number of children in Sri Lanka, in the form of a Traveling Science Centre. In the process, Elon students learn about various approaches to science education in United States and in Sri Lanka, and learn about the importance of the scientific inquiry process to science education and litaracy. Through the interaction with Sri Lankan partners and school children, Elon students also have the opportunity to learn about Sri Lanka's culture, nature, and history.

Traveling Science Centre: Sri Lanka - January 2008

As part of a Winter Term study abroad course Elon students were going to bring science exhibits to Sri Lanka. The exhibits were built on Elon University campus in Stage 1 of the project. Elon students collaborate with the University of Colombo students to translate the exhibit descriptions and to bring the exhibits to schools in Colombo, Buttala, and Galle regions.

The following pamphlet describes the exhibits currently part of the Elon University Traveling Science Centre

Unfortunately due to security concerns, including the withdrawal of the Sri Lankan government from the peace process, the course cannot run at this time. We hope for the return to the negotiating table and for lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

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