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ATACC Software Grants


The academic Technology and Computing Committee invites proposals from faculty to purchase software for use in specific academic fields.  The purpose of the ATACC Grants is to provide seed money to investigate the qualities and applications of special programs with the potential for broader integration into the teaching/learning process.


Technology Course Enhancement Grants


This internal grant program exists to fund projects that focus on the integration of technology into the instructional environment and for which no departmental funding is available.  A maximum of $4,000 per grant may be approved for technology-related projects that are designed to significantly enhance teaching and learning, particularly in freshman and sophomore level courses.


Undergraduate Research Program


The Undergraduate Research Program at Elon University was established to provide students the opportunity to join faculty in scholarly activity.  Research by faculty members can enrich both their interactions with students who are doing research and their other instructional activities.  Successful strategies in research are also effective for improved student learning, especially those which are collaborative, investigative, project-based, inquiry-based, open-ended, and exploratory.


Faculty Research & Development Committee

Faculty Research & Development Documentation


Carnegie:  Project Interweave


Project Interweave seeks to enhance intellectual engagement in the classroom for both students and teachers. The goals of this program is to ultimately interweave the scholarship of teaching and learning into the Elon campus culture.