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What is the indirect cost rate?

On Campus Research: Please contact Director of Sponsored Programs for assistance.



What are the fringe benefit rates?

  • Faculty & Staff (academic year): 25%

  • Faculty & Staff (supplemental pay): 7.65%

  • Students: 7.65%


What are the Congressional and Senate districts numbers?

  • Congressional District: 6 & 13  

  • NC State House District: 63 & 64

  • NC State Senate District: 24 


How much should I pay my students (graduate & undergraduate)?

The Dean's Office of your respective college can best answer that question, as different schools and disciplines pay different rates.


Do I need to submit letters of collaboration when submitting a preliminary proposal?

The letters are necessary at the time of the preliminary proposal submission as you are committing another institution or person to work on your program.


How much do I pay a consultant?

A consultant should be paid on the basis of their history of consultancy fees noting that there is a federal cap of $481.84 per day on the rate.


Where at the University can I get cost-sharing for my proposal?

The place to start when requesting cost-sharing is at the Dean level, followed by the Sponsored Programs and Academic Affairs.


How do I list other Elon Faculty on grants if they are not a co-PI?

They may be listed by name and department with pertinent percentage of time.


What are the Federal ID (Tax Exempt)& DUNS?

Elonís Federal ID (Tax Exempt) Number: 56-0532303 

DUNS Number: 071574552



What items may not be listed as match or cost share?

The main area of cost sharing is equipment, personnel, or travel. All of these items are easy to document when the grant/contract ends.


What is Sponsored Program's contact information?

Elon University

Sponsored Programs
Campus Box 2550

Elon, NC 27244
Phone: (336) 278-6603
Fax: (336) 278-6606


What are Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA), IRB registration, and Animal Welfare Assurance numbers?


How are limited submission proposals handled?

If a faculty member learns of a funding opportunity with limited submission and wishes to respond to it, it is his/her responsibility to notify the Sponsored Programs Office immediately. If the Sponsored Programs learns of a funding opportunity with submission limitation, a notification is sent via University-Wide e-mail. 

In the event that two or more faculty members wish to submit to a funding opportunity with a submission limitation, an internal competition is held. If an internal competition is required, the Sponsored Programs Office will request the submission of a brief description of the proposal and a preliminary budget for each proposal to be evaluated by Sponsored Programs and pertinent College Representatives.



My grant is ending and I would like to transfer remaining funds to a miscellaneous account. What do I need to do?

Please contact the Director of Accounting, Lorraine Allen, ext. 5260



My grant calls for a subcontract to be prepared. How do I go about it?

In order for to prepare a subcontract, the PI must provide the following information to the Sponsored Programs Office: 

1.The Grant Account number for the project 

2.The name of the entity which Elon is subcontracting 

3.The statement of work for the subcontractor 

4.The budget for the subcontractor 

5.The period of performance for the subcontract

6.The name, address, telephone, fax and email address for the subcontractors: PI and Contract administrator: 

7.How the subcontractor is to invoice Elon: Monthly, Quarterly, by a set schedule (provide the schedule dates for invoicing); pursuant to a deliverables schedule (if via a deliverables schedule, please provide that schedule).

8.The name and address of the person to whom we should send the subcontract for signing (if different than the contract person).