vos y vosotros

In Spanish we use various forms of "you." The two primary forms are and usted.
In Unit I there is a complete explanation of the differences between tú and usted.

There are also regional differences in the different "you" forms. While in English "you" is both plural and singular, in Spanish, "tú" is strictly singular and informal. In all of Spanish-speaking Latin America, the plural "you" is "ustedes." In Spain, "vosotros" is used as an informal "you" plural. The conjugations of the verbs differ from those of "ustedes" and "tú." Most Spanish textbooks in the United States show the conjugation of "vosotros" as part of their verb charts and activities.

In addition, in much of the Southern Cone of South America and parts of Central America, "vos" is used as an infomal "you," instead of "tú." "Vos" is normally not mentioned in most Spanish textbooks in the United States.

In order to simplify and because it it representative of the majority of countries in which Spanish is spoken, this website will show conjugations for "tú" and for "usted" and "ustedes" as the singular and plural "you." "Vos" and "vosotros" will not be shown. However, you will be understood everywhere that Spanish is spoken if you use "usted" and "tú."



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