Class Participation and Attendance Policy of the Department of Foreign Languages

In Elon’s Department of Foreign Languages, class participation is a major component of a foreign language course and a great deal of the development of foreign language proficiency occurs as a result of activities conducted in class. Expected class participation includes:

  • coming to class prepared
  • being attentive and actively engaged
  • volunteering often
  • answering and asking questions frequently
  • responding in class in complete sentences in the target language
  • demonstrating effort throughout the semester
  • adhering to the Elon academic and social honor codes.

Attendance is taken at the beginning of class. A student is expected to arrive on time and be present for the entire class period. Take care of personal needs (bathroom break, phone calls, eating, etc.) prior to class. All electronic devices must be turned off and stored prior to the start of class. After an initial violation, each subsequent violation of this policy will count as one absence. Three late arrivals or three early departures or a combination thereof constitute one absence. To allow for illness or other unforeseen situations, students in a semester-long 4 s.h. course are allotted the equivalent of one week’s worth of class in absences before a penalty is imposed (e.g. 3 absences for a class that meets three times a week; 2 absences for a class that meets twice a week; and 2 absences are allotted for winter and summer courses and for half-semester courses). Excused and unexcused absences count the same. Each absence beyond the limit will result in your final course grade being lowered by 3 points per absence (e.g. from 90 to 87 for one excessive absence)Excessive absences caused by serious health problems will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Participants in official Elon special programs, including intervarsity athletics, music and theatre, should consult the policy at the bottom of this page.

Assignments: Frequent homework is necessary and expected in a foreign language class.  Individual professors will provide the course policy regarding assignments, how they are counted, arrangements on late assignments, etc.

Exams: The department has a policy of no make-up exams.  In extreme circumstances or emergencies, contact the professor before the day of the scheduled exam.  Follow-up documentation from the Dean or the infirmary is required.

Special policy for participants in Elon-sponsored events, including intervarsity athletics,music and theatre, which require frequent absence from class:

  • Participants in intervarsity athletics and other sponsored activities must provide a copy of the travel schedule at the beginning of the semester.  Students are expected to be in class on a travel day if the class meets before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Other activities (training, practice, physical therapy, rehearsals, etc.) must NOT be scheduled during class time.
  • For any absence, students are responsible for making up tests at a time that is convenient for the professor and for turning in any assigned work in a timely manner (preferably before departure).  Surprise quizzes cannot be made up at all. 
  • Students are expected to make up for their lack of class participation during travel days by being extra-prepared and especially active during the days when they are present.

All travel-related absences together count as one absence.  This allows student-athletes or participants in other college activities that require travel a maximum of one or two other absences without penalty. 

A student’s continued enrollment in this foreign language course implies his/her understanding of the departmental policies with regard to attendance, lateness, participation and make-up work.

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