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Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish requires 20 hours (24 hours if the student begins with SPN 120 or 121), eight of which must be above the 222 level. A winter term or summer term abroad in a Spanish-speaking country is strongly encouraged.

Spanish Major

A major in Spanish is 40 hours and requires the following courses. See the checksheet for more information, and read our FAQ.

SPN 322 Composition

Culture Courses: Choose at least two of the following.

SPN 333 Spanish Civilization
SPN 334 Latin American Civilization
SPN 335 Latinos in the U. S.
SPN 372 Special Topics: must be cultural

Literature Courses: Choose at least two of the following.

SPN 350 Introduction to Literary Analysis (prerequisite for all higher-numbered literature courses)
SPN 351 Survey of Peninsular Literature
SPN 352 Survey of Latin American Literature
SPN 353 Studies in Peninsular Literature
SPN 354 Studies in Latin American Literature
SPN 375-379 Special Topics: must be literary
SPN 475 Special Topics

Language Courses: Choose at least two of the following.

SPN 421 Advanced Spanish Grammar I
SPN 422 Advanced Spanish Grammar II
SPN 451 Spanish Phonetics
SPN 461 Translation

Capstone: SPN 465 Colloquium in Hispanic Studies
(To graduate, a "C" is required in this course.)

Elective courses: A 40 hour major may be completed by taking any Spanish courses above the 222 level, chosen from the categories above or taken during study abroad programs in Spain or Latin America.

Spanish majors are required to study abroad for at least one semester in a university- and departmental-approved program in a country where Spanish is officially spoken. Credits earned in such a program may substitute for requirements for this major.

A maximum of 4 semester hours in internship credit can apply to the Spanish major.

A major in Spanish with Teacher Licensure, K-12, requires the above 40 semester hours including SPN 421, SPN 422, and SPN 451 plus 35 semester hours of professional studies courses in education and psychology. Students pursuing licensure to teach Spanish are strongly encouraged to take both SPN 421 Advanced Grammar I, SPN 422 Advanced Grammar II, and SPN 451 Phonetics.