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Rotaract was formed in 1968 by Rotary in the USA and has now spread worldwide with over 160, 000 members in more than 7,000 clubs across 151 countries. The organization is based on small clubs which can vary in size from 15 to 50 members. Through community and international service projects, Rotaractors help improve the lives of the people around them. In so doing they develop leadership skills and professional skills and establish a network of friends. Rotaract is friendship in action.

The club basically revolves around the four main activities:
  • Leadership Development 
    Rotaract builds leaders and leaders build strong clubs with effective programs. Rotaract clubs organize communication and public speaking seminars
  • Community Service 
    Rotaract clubs are keen to help the community and we achieve this in various ways. Each local club selects the projects it wants to support. These can range from caring for the environment to helping the under-privileged.
  • Professional Development
    Rotaract clubs help their members make the most informed choices through marketing and management seminars; conferences on business ethics; vocational counseling and career planning programs; and business technology updates.
  • International Service 
    Because Rotaractors want to learn more about other cultures and do their part to promote world peace and understanding, they undertake at least one International Service project each year. Such activities take many forms. Rotaractors raise money for international disaster relief programs; make exchange visits from other Rotaract clubs; and volunteer their professional skills in international development and assistance projects.

Not many social organizations span the globe, benefiting not only their own local communities but the worldwide community. Rotaract succeeds in doing this.

By Cyril Noirtin
From Rotaract web site


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