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Minutes From December 3, 2002

Rotaract Members:
Lauren Vilis (President), Sveta Yarmak (Vice-President), Rich Garner (Internet Communications Director), Amy Jo Jenkins, Anne Grosvenor (Professional Development Director), Melissa Dawley (Club and Community Service Director), Amanda Gillis (Treasurer), Jessica Bowling, Jen Lowers (Secretary), Angie Smith-Rotary Advisor, Emily Infanger (Finance Director), Rachel Copeland (International Service Co-Director), Sara Stallings (International Service Co-Director), Niki Giacchina, Asami Sudani, Bryane Hesnan, Kristen Irvin, Danielle Matthews, Jen Stoltzfus

Potential Rotaract Members:
Brooke Jacobs, Megan Brill, Katie Gosselin, McRae Ragan

We have a new Advisor!!!!!

Our new club advisor is Kenneth Paul.

Emily Infanger has been elected as our new club President for the next school term! Congratulations and we know that you will do a great job! Lauren, we will really miss you and you are going to be extremely hard to replace. Good luck on your marriage and congratulations on graduation!

Community Service Projects

We are coming along well with our plans for upcoming community service projects but we still need more volunteers to help.

The Literacy Afterschool Tutoring session has been put on hold until after Winter Term. If you are still interested in tutoring in January please speak with Emily Infanger.

Here are some potential community service projects that we may be working on next semester!

  • Visit a Rest Home around Christmas
  • Help out at a Vet. Shelter
  • Adopt a Grandparent
  • Help with Habitat for Humanity
  • Rotaract Special Olympics
  • Relay for Life

Fund-Raiser Projects

At our last meeting we put together the exam candy grams. Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped. We did make some profit to add to our funds so the fund raiser was successful.

We will be stuffing boxes on (Thursday, December 5 at 1:15 (optional) and Friday, December 6 at 10 AM. We need as many people as possible to show up to help. The more people we have the faster the job will get done! This will be our last get together until January so please come out.

While you are at home tasting those delicious sweets over the holidays be sure to get some recipes so that we can include them in our cookbook. We hope to have most of the recipes and info put together by the end of spring semester.

Due are $10.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and I can't wait to see everyone again after the break. We will be meeting in January for those of you who will be here for Winter Term and we are planning a community project so come out to help.

Elon University Rotary Club, 2002