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Minutes From October 7, 2002

Rotaract Members:
Lauren Vilis (President), Sveta Yarmak (Vice-President), Rich Garner (Internet Communications Director), Amy Jo Jenkins, Anne Grosvenor (Professional Development Director), Melissa Dawley (Club and Community Service Director), Amanda Gillis (Treasurer), Jessica Bowling, Jen Lowers (Secretary), Angie Smith-Rotary Advisor, Emily Infanger (Finance Director), Rachel Copeland (International Service Co-Director), Sara Stallings (International Service Co-Director), Niki Giacchina, Asami Sudani, Bryane Hesnan, Kristen Irvin, Danielle Matthews, Jen Stoltzfus

Potential Rotaract Members:
Brooke Jacobs, Megan Brill, Katie Gosselin, McRae Ragan

New Faculty Advisor Needed.

We need a member of the Elon Faculty to take the place of our former advisor Mike Magoon. That means we need to be asking faculty if they would be interested in helping. Please have interested Elon faculty members contact Angie Smith at 449-8000 ext 253 if they are interested.

Special Guests: A special shout out to Dan Bearfoot and also to the President of the Alamance Breakfest Rotary Club for visiting our meeting!

Congratulations to all new officers and members inducted into our Elon Chapter!!  Rachel Copeland, Jen Lowers, Sara Stallings, Niki Giacchina, Asami Sudani, Bryane Hesnan, and Jen Stoltzfus

Welcome back Rich Garner and Sveta Yarmak, your input is greatly appreciated and was greatly missed!

Committee Updates:
International: Ideas up for discussion--international school exchange (pen-pal)

Fund Raiser: Ideas up for discussion--Rotaract Cook Book

We need more ideas and more input so be ready at the next meeting to discuss these projects!!

Dues: Please pay your dues ASAP if you haven't already. They are $10.


We will not be meeting this coming up Monday on Oct. 14 because of fall break.  We will resume meetings on Oct. 22, 2002 (TUESDAY) from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Octagon Ward. Please note the date and the time change. Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 will now be our permanent time to meet.


Elon University Rotary Club, 2002