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Minutes From September 16, 2002

Rotaract Members Present:
Anne Grosvenor (Professional Development Director), Melissa Dawley (Club and Community Service Director), Amanda Gillis (Treasurer)

Rotaract Members At Large:
Lauren Vilis(President), Sveta Yarmak (Vice-President), Rich Garner (Internet Communications Director), Amy Jo Jenkins

Potential Rotaract Members/Guests:
Brooke Jacobs, Asami Sudani, Emily Infanger, Bryane Hesnan, Megan Brill, Kristen Irvin, Jen Lowers, Niki Giacchina, Jessica Bowling, Sara Stallings

Rotary Members present: Angie Smith-Rotary/Advisor

New Business

Recruitment-Flyers in Mailboxes
We will meet this Friday, September 20 at 1:30pm to stuff flyers in mailboxes in an effort to recruit new members. Melissa will find out if this is a good time with the post office manager and send an email out with details on where to meet and if this is a good time. Lauren should have the flyers by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

New meeting time?
There was discussion of a possibility of changing the meeting times to Tuesday nights. No vote was taken it was just an idea to consider and keep in mind. We will decide in the next few meetings whether the meetings will be changed.

Rotary Golf Tournament
Mark your calendars for the Rotary Golf tournament to be held on Thursday, October 10, 2002. Registration begins at 11:30am but we will more than likely need to start with coverage at 1:00pm. You can stay for certain shifts for a few hours or the whole time if your schedule allows. This is the first opportunity this year to meet local Rotary members. Angie will provide details as they become available.

Folders for new members
All the potential members received a new member folder with Rotaract information included and membership applications. We will recognize new members in the forthcoming meetings.

New Faculty Advisor Needed
Keep in mind that we need a member of the Elon Faculty to take the place of our former advisor Mike Magoon.

Officer positions available

  • Secretary-to record minutes of meetings and email all the members with updates
  • Finance Director (will work with the Treasurer) on organizing fund-raising projects
  • International Director-organize and develop pen pal relationships with Rotaractors in other countries, international project ideas

Be thinking too about the committees for which you have a strong interest. You can help with any or all projects throughout this year. This is just to plan, lead, and organize different ideas for the club to participate in.

  • Club Service
  • International Service
  • Community Service
  • Finance
  • Internet
  • Professional Development

Brainstorming Session of Project Ideas

  • Community Service:
    Literacy at YMCA and Elon Elementary (Melissa will contact both and get information) Blood Drive, Pumpkin Carving with Elon Homes, Canned food Drive/Hunger Strike, Nursing home visits, Magazine/book drives for local hospitals
  • Professional Development:
    Elementary school teacher to come speak to the group
  • Fund-raisers:
    Sucker sales, Cook Book, Talent Show

Door Prizes were awarded to 3 lucky winners! Congratulations!

Monday, September 23, 8-9p.m. Ward Octagon (Moseley).


Elon University Rotary Club, 2002