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What exactly does a Rotaract club do?

Rotaract clubs organize a variety of projects and activities, depending primarily on the interests of the club members.  There are, however, three types of activities within the Rotaract program that all clubs undertake in varying degrees: professional development, leadership development and service projects.  Together, these three areas ensure a balanced club program and provide important experience and opportunities for the personal development of each Rotaractor.

  • Professional Development: Early career decisions are critical ones. Rotaract helps their members make the most informed choices through marketing and management seminars; conferences on business ethics; vocational counseling and career planning programs; and business technology updates. Business and professional support from successful Rotarians help make these programs especially valuable.
  • Leadership Development: Rotaract builds leaders and leaders build strong clubs with effective programs. Toward this end Rotaract Clubs organize communication and public speaking seminars; talks on effective club administration; training programs for club officers; workshops that explore ways to organize and promote club projects; informative meetings about Rotary programs and activities.
  • Community Service: Rotaract carries out at least one Community Service project each year in an effort to improve the lives of the people around them. The possibilities for worthwhile projects are endless. To name just a few: Volunteer as tutors in literacy programs; support drug abuse prevention programs; offer job training to the unemployed; assist at orphanages and day care centers; arrange outings and other activities for senior citizens; organize community clean-ups (Adopt a Spot); develop recreation areas and otherwise work to improve the environment.
  • International Service: Because Rotaractors want to learn more about other cultures and do their part to promote world peace and understanding, we undertake at least one International Service project each year. Such activities take many forms: Raising money for international disaster relief programs; make exchange visits with Rotaractors in other countries and host similar visits from other Rotaract Clubs; and volunteer their professional skills in international development and assistance projects.
  • Social Activities: Rotaractors work hard, but they believe in having a good time. They hold barbecues, car rallies, camping trips, interclub visits, dances, cultural festivals, special lectures, sporting events, and more. Sometimes these activities are designed to raise money for a club service project. Whatever they do, Rotaractors know how to have fun, make friends, and make the world a little better in the process.         
Elon University Rotary Club, 2002