Religious studies courses are designed to help students explore and develop a self-understanding of the universal aspects of human existence and find your place in our shrinking planet.  Knowledge about religion helps us to understand ourselves, the beliefs of others, and provides understanding about cultures that differ from our own.. 

When you major in religious studies, there are three subdivisions which help prepare you for your future in the field.  These three major subdivisions that make up the discipline of religion are: 
          Biblical Studies, 
          Theological and Ethical Studies, and 
          Eastern and Islamic Studies. 
Observing the emphasis the university places on "experiential learning," we offer our majors the opportunity to do an internship in religious studies. Student assignments may include local service agencies, churches, or serving as teaching assistant in a 100-level religious studies course.

The members of the religious studies faculty seek to help establish a love of learning, informed values and a spirit of tolderance in all students taking our courses. In keeping with Elon's liberal arts objectives, the program and the faculty seek to develop the students' ability to think critically and communicate effectively, both in the discipline and in other areas of life.  We offer insight into various cultures, various principles, and theological issues while offering you the opportunity to investigate your beliefs and offer your opinions.


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