The History of Epsilon Alpha

Historic Pi Kappa Phi

Founded in 1979, Epsilon Alpha has long been a thriving chapter on Elon's campus. In recent history the chapter has been recognized as the best on campus in many areas. We currently have brothers in all of the Fellows Programs on campus, as well as many of the honorary professional fraternities. We have 13 members currently serving on the student government. Six out of the last seven SGA Executive Presidents were brothers of Pi Kappa Phi. Pi Kappa Phi brothers are the leaders of many organizations on campus. Please view the Awards section and the testimonials like the one found below to get an idea of the chapter's current success.
Our son, Corey Jahner, joined Pi Kappa Phi in the spring of 2005 as a freshman. We didn't think too much of it, as fraternity life used to mean heavy duty party time. Times have changed. Corey has developed into a responsible, more caring individual that actually gets involved with philanthropic activities, not only with a smile, but with a genuine concern for the project. He has developed valuable friendships and learned to be more productive at school while also having a social conscience. Let's not forget the manners and proper dress that Pi Kapp has helped with, which will mean a lot more to him after he graduates in May (that is a mommy favorite). We are very proud of Corey and his association with Pi Kappa Phi. The Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Elon University has impressed us and has helped to make Corey's entire college experience a positive one. And with great great pride my husband has accepted Pi Kapp's invitation to become an Alumni Member this spring."
~Cindy Jahner (Mother of brother Corey Jahner)