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Annual participation in Phi Kappa Phi Conferences
Sub-regional Conference at Elon, 2000

National Student Awards:

Amanda Harrington ~ Award of Excellence, 2000
Emily Wolfe ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2001
Joe Azato ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2002
Nate Painter ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2003
Brannon Dellinger ~ Award of Excellence, 2004
Aja Johnson ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2005
Rebecca Dickson ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2006
Eden Estes ~ Graduate Fellowship, 2007
Jennifer Vanyur ~ Award of Excellence, 2008
Victoria Davis ~ Marjorie Schoch Fellow, Graduate Fellowship, 2009

Faculty Distinctions:

Dr. Kathy Lyday-Lee ~ National Scholars Selection Committee
Dr. Victoria Fischer Faw ~ Southeast Artist Award, 2004

National Chapter Award:

Literacy Grant ~ 2005-2006
Literacy Grant ~ 2007-2008
Literacy Grant ~2009-2010
Literacy Grant ~ 2010-2011