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Annie Chan

Major: Exercise Sports Science and French

Annie is a member of the 2013 Periclean Scholar class, focusing on Chiapas, Mexico. She is a Junior Exercise Sports Science major and French minor from Boston, Ma.

Becca Goldstein

Major: Human Services and Public Health

Projects: Hillcrest

Becca is a Human Services and Public Health double major from Burke, Virginia. She loves the outdoors and hopes to work in Wilderness Therapy or Adventure-Based Counseling. Becca is excited about creating sustainable projects in partnership with Hillcrest Elementary, Luna Maya, and the communities in Chiapas. Becca hopes to ensure that her class’ efforts will support the goals and initiatives shaped by the communities themselves.

Beka Bischoff

Major: International Studies (Concentration in Latin America/Europe)

Projects: Periclean Newsletter

Beka Bischoff is from San Diego, California and has traveled to Mexico several times. She has also been to Italy, England, France and Australia and plans to go to Costa Rica and Spain before she graduates. She is the co-editor for the Periclean Newsletter and is the EV! LINCS coordinator for Positive Attitude Youth Center. She is also involved in Sigma Kappa and the International Studies Society.

Caroline Scalici

Major: Marketing

Caroline is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. On campus, she is a business fellow and is involved in several business and academic fraternities. As a Periclean Scholar, she is interested in creating long-term, sustainable projects that can impact Chiapas for generations.

Catherine Bell

Major: Political Science

Catherine is a Periclean Scholar from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is majoring in political science with a minor in public administration. On campus she helps coordinate service day events with Elon Volunteers. She is currently a part of the education committee and is excited to work with Hillcrest Elementary School.

Chris Welch

Major: Finance and International Business

Projects: Hispanic Professionals

Chris is a Finance and International Business Major from Weymouth, Massachusetts. In Periclean Scholars he is involved with the Society for Hispanic Professionals. Other organizations on campus Chris is involved with include Business Fellows, Elon Tour Guides, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and SIFE which he helped to found.

Cleo Dan

Major: Internatioal Studies

Cleo is an International Studies major, with minors in Spanish and Political Science. In addition to Periclean Scholars, she is an Honors Fellow and Lumen Scholar researching the political integration of ethnonationalist terrorist organizations. She looks forward to studying abroad in Seville, Spain in Fall 2012.

Danielle Dannenberg

Major: International Studies

Danielle is from Boca Raton, Florida. She is an international studies major with a concentration in Latin America. She is very passionate about human rights and hopes to work to prevent human trafficking and slave labor in the future. She is an Elon College Fellow and is looking to do research in environmental scarcity and violence. As a Periclean Scholar, she plans to focus on women's health in Chiapas. She just returned from studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland and hopes to study somewhere in South America during her remaining years at Elon.

David Gagne

Major: International Studies

Projects: Hillcrest and Corn storage

David is an International Studies major, with concentrations in Africa and Latin America. He is interested in indigenous cultures around the world, and will study at the University of Ghana-Legon in the fall of 2011. With Periclean Scholars, David plans to work on improving the corn storage of farmers in Chiapas, Mexico.

Eliza Gibson

Major: Human Services

Projects: Luna Maya

Eliza is passionate about gender empowerment and equality, and excited to use her Women's/Gender Studies minor for working with Luna Maya. She wants to be a part of a project that builds up individuals and families, giving them important skills and knowledge that enables them to flourish. As a Periclean Scholar her Human Services major serves as a foundation and guide for her knowledge and ideas.

Elizabeth Capel

Major: Art History

Projects: Luna Maya

Elizabeth Capel is an Art History major from Raleigh, North Carolina. Her main project in Periclean is the Luna Maya initiative, but she is also interested in volunteering with the Graduate NC program. Elizabeth is an Elon College Fellow and a Lumen Scholar researching women art collectors.

Fiona Alfaro

Major: Political Science/International Studies

As an international student from El Salvador, Fiona is passionate about fighting for the survival of the native american cultures of Latin america, especially the Maya civilization present in Mexico and Central America. As a Political Science and International Studies major, Fiona wishes to be able to change the negative effects that globalization (such as the invasion and abuses of multinational corporations in lands inhabited by native americans) on a diplomatic level. Fiona's special interests regarding the Maya civilization in Chiapas include the preservation of Mayan medicine and culture.

Greg Nantz

Major: Economics and Political Sciece

Projects: Forum Planning

Greg Nantz is a Junior Honors Fellow majoring in Economics and Political Science. Greg is interested in development and trade in emerging economies, and has been an active member of Elon's Model United Nations and International Crisis Simulation. He is excited about the prospects of cultural exchange within the Periclean Scholars Program.

Jennifer Proto

Major: Anthropology and Public Health

Anthropology and Public Health",,"Jennifer Proto comes from a suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts. An anthropology and public health double major, Jennie loves learning about other cultures, specifically in regard to medicine and health practices. She has spent time abroad in India and England, where she was able to meet many local people and spend time in a variety of schools. At Elon, Jennie is involved in Diversity Emerging Education Program and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in addition to Periclean Scholars. She is most excited about developing and deepening our partnerships with Luna Maya and Hillcrest Elementary. Also, she hopes to bring insight to the group having an adopted cousin from Guatemala who is fully Mayan.

Kirsten Holland

Major: Political Science; International Studies

Kirsten Holland originally hails from Massachusetts. She is highly involved in a number of organizations on campus, including Model UN, the Arabic Language Organization, the International Studies Society, and of course, Periclean Scholars. She has taken Spanish for years and is now studying Arabic in hopes of studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt or Amman, Jordan in the spring of 2012. She is also looking forward to seeing how her Periclean class grows and progresses over the coming semesters in forging a strong connection with the people of Chiapas, Mexico!

Leah Randall

Major: Human Services

Leah is from the Dartmouth College area. She is passionate about travel and social change. Some of her favorite places in the world are Honduras and Seville, Spain She serves as Co- Founder of TOMS shoes club on campus and is very involved with an organization called ProNino in Honduras. Leah hopes to someday advocate for street children in Central America.

Maria Kane

Major: Elementary and Special Education

Projects: Hillcrest Elementary

Maria Kane is a junior at Elon University. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family and enjoys spending time at the Jersey Shore. At Elon, she is involved with Club Field Hockey. With Periclean Scholars, Maria wants to make sure there is a local partnership and hopes to visit Chiapas, Mexico.

Nina Boston

Major: Anthropology

Nina loves being in the Periclean family! She is from Westminster, Maryland and in the class of 2013. While she is abroad for the Fall of 2011 in Singapore, she is excited to return in the Spring to so many ongoing projects in the Periclean program. Nina runs track and field for Elon and participates in several organizations. Within the Periclean program, she is particularly interested in the education work our class is contributing to Chiapas. Her Native American heritage propels her interest in working with and helping the native people of Chiapas, Mexico.

Sally Spurr

Major: Anthropology and Psychology

Sally is an anthropology psychology double major from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is extremely excited about the partnerships that the class of 2013 is forming both locally and in Chiapas, and is especially enthusiastic about the education aspect of the class' work. Traveling in one of Sally's favorite things, and she has been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries so far in her life, including several international service trips. Sally is spending the fall of 2011 studying in Copenhagen, Denmark and she is excited to return to Periclean after her semester abroad and dive into the projects that her class has worked on in her absence.

Sarah Kowalkowski

Major: Political Science

Sarah is a Political Science major and Leadership Studies minor from Lewisburg, WV. In addition to Periclean Scholars, she is a Lumen Scholar researching leadership and legal education and an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow. She has worked closely with the healthcare cohort and is excited about partnering with Luna Maya.

Tara Corbett

Major: Psychology

Tara has been involved in the bonding committee and the induction ceremony committee as a Periclean Scholar. She is also very involved in InterVarsity at Elon. She is a studying psychology and Spanish and can't wait to visit Chiapas during her senior year with the class.

Thomas Price

Major: Computer Science

Projects: Gradúate Tutoring

Thomas is from Chapel Hill, NC, where he was born and raised. At Elon, he's a member of the Sierra and ACM clubs, as well Better Together, an organization to promote interfaith cooperation. In January of 2011, he visited Chiapas for a week where he saw firsthand the injustices the people there suffer. The experience impressed on him the importance of working both at home and abroad to right these injustices.

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Dr. Brian Nienhaus

Role: Class Mentor

"While I have worked as a professor of business for 16 years, I am a social scientist by training and at heart, having taken a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary program in communication from the U. of Michigan. In business, my interests are in preparing students for professional life through the main course that I have taught, business communication. In communication, my research interest has been in how media systems are financed, and how different modes of finance may affect human capital formation. Regarding my interest in the Periclean Scholars and Chiapas: for the last 10 years I have taken students to Yucatan, where we have a number of relationships with business, government, and a peasant community. I had read a little about Chiapas but had never been there. On reflection, I see that my entire career, both as a student and as a professor, has been interdisciplinary. By design, Elon’s Periclean Scholars program is interdisciplinary as well, so the program’s form along with the opportunity to learn about Chiapas made mentoring attractive to me."

Dr. Tom Arcaro

Role: Periclean Scholars Director

Dr. Arcaro supports each of the Periclean Scholars classes at Elon through his role as Driector. He spends much of his time organizing events and pushing each class towards its goals.