Get Involved

Our work in Chiapas and at home is important to us, but we can't do it alone. Check out these ways you can get involved:

What You Can Do

  • Support Us at our fundraisers on and off campus. Check the Home page for updates.
  • Volunteer: if you're interested in volunteering with any of the projects on our Projects page, contact us! Specifically, consider volunteering to teach at Hillcrest or tutor with the GradĂșate! program.
  • Get Educated about Chiapas. The best way to be involved is to understand the situation and spread the word to others. Check out our Chiapas page for an introduction to the region."
  • Donate to our class! Your donation gives us the opportunity to make a difference.
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Donate Now!

If you are interested in making a tax-deductable donation to support the class' work, please contact us.