The various projects our class is working on range from small, individual endeavors to larger scale fundraising efforts. Below is a sample of some of the projects we are involved with.


Comprehensive Rural Health Project

After establishing our partnership with CRHP in 2009, our class showed in interest in their Adolescent Girls Program and have since raising $10,000+ annually to support the program. Over the summer, 12 students travelled to CRHP's campus in Jamkhed, India and completed internships that ranged from developing lesson plans for AGP to working in the adminstrative offices to update records and develop a CRHP handbook for distribution among visitors, new employees and future interns.

• Adolescent Girls Program:

The Adolescent Girls Program (AGP) has helped to organize adolescent girls groups in 54 villages to address the extreme gender inequality in Indian society, particularly in rural areas. In the villages, Village Health Workers (VHWs) and women's group members organize groups of girls which meet weekly or biweekly. During these meetings, the girls participate in health education classes and are given the opportunity to social with other girls their own age. The girls are provided with a nutritious meal and receive nutrition demonstrations. Other programs and workshops focusing on health, self-defense, social issues and creative arts are offered. The health of these girls is consistently monitored by the VHWs and a the mobile health team.

• Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

Periclean Scholars 2012, The Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), and SOSVA Training And Promotion Institute (STAPI) co-sponsored a summit conference in Pune, India, on January 20 & 21 201. The goal of the conference was to facilitate connections between corporations and rural development-based non-profit organizations focused on women’s issues in India. For much more detailed information regarding this conference, please visit: http://www.csr-nonprofit.org

• Elon Fellow

As part of our sustainability efforts, our class has established a unique opportunity for a recent Elon graduate to spend one year living and working at CRHP, all expenses covered. This is the inaugural fellow and we are excited about this expansion of the undergraduate Periclean Scholars experience.

Training video

Students worked on creating training videos for house construction using panels which will be used at CRHP.
3. Nonprofit status for PS (Jamie and Chris's effort)
4. Documentary project


 In India, a broad government health care program offers free health care to citizens, but it can be underfunded and leave people without effective options. Health care alternatives, including NGOs, public-community partnerships, and social businesses, create systems that bring health to all people, but those are limited, too. The question becomes, “How do these systems interact with each other and work to make health accessible to everyone, including the poorest of the poor?”

2012 Periclean Scholar, Jack Dodson, is heading up the film, "Health for All," a 20-minute documentary that explores this question by looking at three different health care systems. One rural nonprofit, one urban social business, and one state-wide public-community partnership. By exploring the nature of these programs and the stories of the people involved, the film hopes to get at the human experience with health care access.

To visit CRHP's website, please click HERE.


Burlington Housing Authority

The Burlington Housing Authority (BHA) offers an after-school program for adolescent girls called "Dream Girls." Middle and highschool aged girls come to the BHA facility on weekday afternoons to receive support and homework assistance as well as the chance to socialize in a safe environment. Our class chose to work with this specific program as we hope to create a cultural and international sharing relationship between the girls in Burlington and India.


Members of our class go to BHA to tutor the girls in math and English Monday thru Wednesday afternoons.

Special Events

We are working on organizing weekend activities and excursions for members of "Dream Girls" and our class to get together and do things such as outdoor activities and sponsor an overnight at Elon. Other plans including hosting a end of the year banquet and tie-dying t-shirts.


A multimedia project that incorporated photographs taken by members of the BHA "Dream Girls" program paired with stories from their lives.

Sustainability Partnership with EV!

To ensure our relationship with BHA continues after our class' graduation, members of EV! will continue to facilitate tutoring and organizing special events with participants from the BHA program.

To visit BHA's website, please click HERE.


Periclean Scholars

Non-Profit Status

Thanks to the hard work of two 2012 Periclean Scholars, Jamie Milliski and Chris Carmichael, the Periclen Scholars program at Elon University now has achieved a 501(c)(3) Non-profit status.