Recent News and Updates:

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility conference Periclean Scholars, Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), and SOSVA Training And Promotion Institute (STAPI) co-led in Pune, India, on January 20 & 21 2012, was a great success! The goal of the conference was to facilitate connections between corporations and rural development-based non-profit organizations focused on women’s issues in India. For much more detailed information regarding this conference, please visit: http://www.csr-nonprofit.org
  • The WinterTerm class to CRHP had a fantastic experience, with the culmination being the CSR-conference at the end of January. As part of our sustainability efforts, Public Health Students were invited to participate in this class and spend time at CRHP. To read the blog by the Public Health Students, please visit: http://phshssindia2012.wordpress.com/
  • We are excited to announce the inaugural Periclean Fellowship position offered through CRHP. This unique opportunity for a graduating Elon senior to spend a year at CRHP is sponsored by our class as part of our sustainability effort.
  • Mark your calendars for April 21st- Periclean Scholars and EV! are co-sponsoring a 5K fundraiser! Come out and support a great cause!
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The 2012 Elon University Periclean Scholars country of focus in India. Our cohort of 26 students take on many roles including acting as a think-tank, a philanthropic non-governmental organziation and as social entrepreneurs to address the needs of our partners both abroad in India and locally in Burlington, N.C. Through academic class work and independent study, we become versed in grant writing, philanthropic opportunities and donor relations. The scholars also pursue the free market model for generating a social good. The activities of the Periclean Scholars are mutually complementary and individual scholars will focus on the area where his or her skills can best serve the chosen projects. In particular, students use the Periclean Scholars program to advance their knowledge of skills in their majors and minors.

Mission Statement:

We are the Periclean Scholars class of 2012. We are a group of students committed to partnering with grassroots organizations in both India and Alamance County. We use our diverse majors and skills to work toward a greater sense of social responsibility both locally and globally. By studying issues and customs in India, we aim to become informed citizens engaged in bettering the lives of others. We work to form reciprocal relationships through research, planning and implementation of sustainable projects.

We are Periclean 2012.

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