Jesse Lee Jesse Lee (’11), raised in Warrington PA, graduated cum laude from Elon University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Leadership Studies. He is currently employed by both Duke University’s TIP Leadership Institute and the Asheville-based personal transportation company FFR. Periclean Scholars was the common thread connecting his experiences and learn- ing at Elon, and he is proud to have been a part of both the Trivelo Project and the Periclean environmental documentary “The Elephant in the Room.” In continuation of his undergraduate travel to Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, he is very appreciative to be returning to Sri Lanka for the fall 2011 Training for Trustee- ship environmental conference. As an Elon University alumnus and continuing member of Periclean Scholars, Jesse will continue to passionately re-imagine the role that the environment plays in cultures around the globe.