Corrine Holder Corrine Holder (‘11) is from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a concentration in Italian Studies. At Elon, Corrine was involved in Sigma Kappa, Intervarsity, Lunch Buddies, Study Abroad Ambassadors and Tutoring for Elon Volunteers. Cor- rine performed her student teaching at Marvin B. Smith Elementary which solidified her love of teaching. Corrine had the honor of working on the library committee for Periclean Scholars. This committee saw great success by having a library built and being able to bring books to Sri Lanka during the Winter Term trip in 2011. Also, Corrine was able to plan a couple of events for Peri- clean such as Sri Lanka Week back in 2008. During Corrine’s time at Elon, she was blessed enough to study abroad in Florence for a semester where she plans on returning to after graduation to teach. She plans on staying involved with Periclean Scholars through Project Pericles.